Upgrading Ram on a Macbook Pro

upgrade macbook pro ram

  I just wanted to share how freakin excited I am to have upgraded the ram on my macbook from 4gb to 16gb without any help. I’ve spent the last I don’t know, 14 years of my life earning a living on my computer however I have never been a tech geek or computer hardware [...]

Let me tell you about my Team Beachbody Experience

beach body experience

(Edit to include update at the top) Updated Note 3-10-14:  Beach Body finally got back with me last week.  After I wrote this and they took good care of me.  They credited my account for all 3 of the charges and said to just keep the shakeology order when it arrives. I’m pretty thrilled about [...]

Florida, the sunshine state

Dear Sunshine State, I love your weather but this exclusive pepsi nonsense has got to go. Coke products please and for the love of all that is holy please wake up and smell the diet dr pepper! Im in St Louis and they have the sweet magical juice I so desperately crave. It has never [...]

As good as it gets?

Do you ever wonder if this is it? Could this be as good as it gets? I mean, regardless how good or bad it might be for you at this very moment, this could truly be the top of your game, the best you’re gonna get, the peak of your life. If it is…how happy [...]

Adventures in Omaha

Nothing better than driving 7 hours the day after a 15 hour drinking binge that was simply an encore of the previous day’s activity…getting hit by a car, having to sleep outside…you know, the usual Omaha visitor experience.

Dane Cook

Dane Cook is a pathetic excuse for a human. He is also a horrible comedian.

Dear Cowboy

Dear Cowboy, I left the gate open. There’s a bag of treats and a weeks worth of dog food behind the AC. I have taken the liberty of printing off a map of the area. Please remove your collar before you “escape”. Don’t go away mad. Just go away. Sorry it didn’t work out, but [...]

Crazy People

Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must live. – Charles Bukowski

You guys are the best!

You guys are the best. Not like THOSE people. You know the ones…that aren’t you guys.

shopping carts in the parking lot

All freaking people who don’t return their shopping carts to the shopping cart return bin must freaking die. That is all.